I am an Osteopathic Physician in the Southwestern US. I am creating this blog to take a deep dive into the integration of Psychedelic Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation. I believe that this combination has the potential to revolutionize treatment of Trauma, Chronic Pain, and Addiction.

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I am currently working on a book, so stay tuned!

  • Metabolic Nutritional Model

    Consider the patient devoid of adequate self esteem due to unstable family relations, bullying at school, and the unrealistic media expectations of beauty. Such patients often find themselves in poor nutritional states such as self-starvation states, binging-purging, excess exercise, etc. which often lead to secondary vitamin deficiency disorders, alteration of the menstrual cycle, osteoporosis ofContinue reading “Metabolic Nutritional Model”

  • Holding Space

    For both psychedelic therapy and body work, an important concept to understand is set-and-setting. Set being the physical and mental state of the person, and setting being the environmental surrounding of a person. For psychedelic work to be therapeutic, it seems that a focus on having a patient in an ideal state (set) and anContinue reading “Holding Space”

  • The Biomechanical Model

    Biomechanical Model Understanding trauma from the biomechanical perspective is fairly straightforward.  This is referring to the material because of trauma.  This can be anything from a motor vehicle accident, sports injury, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc. in the case of a motor vehicle accident, it is important to understand the mechanism such as head-on collisionContinue reading “The Biomechanical Model”

  • Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry

    Exploring the fascinating journey between the use of psychedelic and dissociative therapeutics is coming back to the forefront. With much research being abandoned between the late 1960s until now, it is refreshing to see institutions like John Hopkins, Harvard, etc. begin to put more studies out there. There is much we don’t know regarding longContinue reading “Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry”