About Me

Doctor J, DO

Osteopathic Physician


To remain anonymous, I will be using my pseudonym of Doctor J.

I grew up in Rural Utah.

I am a recently board certified Osteopathic Physician in Family Medicine practicing in the Southwest United States. I did my Osteopathic Medical training in the Southeastern United States over four years, and moved back West for a three year residency.

I have a keen interest in Osteopathy. I have mentored under a number of Neuromuscular Medicine Specialists and am trained in numerous manipulation techniques. I gravitate towards work on the Fascial System and Cranial Osteopathy (including the more subtle Biodynamic Cranial work). I have been blessed with many deep patient relationships, and have witnessed many profound somatic and emotional releases through manipulation.

I have also been heavily influenced by work with psychedelic compounds. Through personal experience and testimonials from patients and friends; I have delved deep into personal inquiry and reading on the topic. I believe a combination of Body Work and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy can cure the root cause of Traumas, Pains, and Addictions.