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  • Bioenergetic Model

    There are some osteopathic healers that consider a sixth model of health which can be referred to as the bioenergetic model.  This brought categorization is still in a largely theoretical state as far as clinical science is concerned.  However, without a doubt, several healing traditions for thousands of years have acknowledged some type of energeticsContinue reading “Bioenergetic Model”

  • Behavioral/Biopsychosocial Model

     It is no wonder that, whether it is a cause or an effect of trauma, human behavior is often changed in individuals who have undergone physically or psychologically traumatic events.  George L Engel in 1977 was an advocate of what he called biopsychosocial model and approaching health.  This relates to the complex interaction between aContinue reading “Behavioral/Biopsychosocial Model”

  • Metabolic Nutritional Model

    Consider the patient devoid of adequate self esteem due to unstable family relations, bullying at school, and the unrealistic media expectations of beauty. Such patients often find themselves in poor nutritional states such as self-starvation states, binging-purging, excess exercise, etc. which often lead to secondary vitamin deficiency disorders, alteration of the menstrual cycle, osteoporosis ofContinue reading “Metabolic Nutritional Model”

  • Holding Space

    For both psychedelic therapy and body work, an important concept to understand is set-and-setting. Set being the physical and mental state of the person, and setting being the environmental surrounding of a person. For psychedelic work to be therapeutic, it seems that a focus on having a patient in an ideal state (set) and anContinue reading “Holding Space”