Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry

Exploring the fascinating journey between the use of psychedelic and dissociative therapeutics is coming back to the forefront. With much research being abandoned between the late 1960s until now, it is refreshing to see institutions like John Hopkins, Harvard, etc. begin to put more studies out there. There is much we don’t know regarding long term effect, contraindications, dose-response relationships, and efficacy for these medicines in treating psychiatric disease and trauma. With Ketamine being approved for treatment resistant depression and MDMA now in phase 3 trials for PTSD, these therapies are starting to surface for patients in the US again. As a physician, I am excited about the potential that these therapies in combination with psychotherapy and body work (osteopathic manipulation, etc.) can provide these patients who have been historically difficult to treat. However, with a healthy amount of skepticism, it is important to ensure the effects are well studied and we have a lot of data and case reports to “hang our hat on” so to speak, before the cat is entirely out of the bag. With that being said, I’m excited to see a new journal on the scene addressing this exact issue- with multiple psychiatric professionals weighing in with evidence and case reports. Please check out the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry and follow their podcast New Perceptions to stay up to date on this ever-evolving field!!

Dr J

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