Bioenergetic Model

There are some osteopathic healers that consider a sixth model of health which can be referred to as the bioenergetic model.  This brought categorization is still in a largely theoretical state as far as clinical science is concerned.  However, without a doubt, several healing traditions for thousands of years have acknowledged some type of energetics in the context of healing.  Traditional Chinese medicine acknowledges meridians and Chi, Ayurvedic medicine refers to prana as an energetic life force as well as tracker as is energy healing centers, and many indigenous communities acknowledge spiritual realms in terms of healing.  Interestingly, in many indigenous communities, psychedelic herbals (Iboga, Ayahuasca, Peyote, etc) are often a component of healing ceremonies.  There are several researchers that have worked on quantifying bioenergetics, and organizations such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences are devoted to continually publishing research in this field of spontaneous and energy healing. Many body workers (including some osteopaths) also hypothesize that working on the fascial (connective tissue) system of the body takes advantage of changes in charge in the body’s tissue, taking advantage of what is known as the PiezoElectric effect, and consider this a form of energy healing.  Further, craniosacral workers, Reiki workers, etc. often claim to be taking advantage of energetics in their form of body work.  That being said, this field is far from heart science, and there is not a consensus as to what energy anatomy consists of, how much you can relate to disease, and if some of these energy systems exist at all.  However, it is worth considering and continuing to study, as it can show promise inhaling those suffering from chronic disease and trauma, and there is certainly a low side effect profile to any of these methodologies.

Energy Medicine in Rehabilitation - ppt download

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